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Mahindra History We are Mahindra and ROXOR

Seven decades in the making, our history began in India assembling rugged off-road vehicles under license from Willys. Vehicle production has continued since the 1940s while also building one of the world’s largest tractor brands. Other internationally known vehicles such as THAR, Bolero, Scorpio and MM540 have grown from the Mahindra family of businesses. And now ROXOR bursts onto the off-road scene in the Western Hemisphere.

Many other modern SUVs, mini vans, pick-ups and automobiles are designed and manufactured by Mahindra along with aircraft, electric motorcycles, Formula E racecars and specialty military vehicles. This India-based powerhouse has also developed financial, hospitality and agricultural divisions to become a global manufacturing and financial power.

Mahindra has obtained controlling stakes in the REVA Electric Car Company to create Mahindra Electric. It has also acquired South Korea’s SsangYong Motor Company in 2011 as well as the well-known Italian automotive coach builder and design firm, Pininfarina S.p.A. in 2015. Mahindra Automotive North America based in Auburn Hills, Michigan is one of five manufacturers to build and prototype USPS mail delivery vehicles that would replace their current aging fleet. Mahindra has delivered fourteen designed-from-the-ground-up prototypes that are now being tested by the USPS.

Mahindra Automotive North America and the Mahindra North American Technical Center are located in the Detroit area where they design, prototype and assemble vehicles of many different types for use around the world including the new ROXOR brand for North and South America. The ROXOR brand is specifically designed for off-road use only and is representative of products built by Mahindra starting in 1946. The American-assembled ROXOR enters the off-road world with a 70-year-proven value proposition based on its authenticity, simplicity and strength. It is an “original off-road vehicle” with a 70 year heritage. Look for the ROXOR brand of off-road vehicles available at a powersports dealership near you.

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